Grammar: Who's or Whose?

Lesson 20: Who's or Whose?


Who's or whose?

Detective McClane solves the biggest mystery of his career: the difference between who's and whose...

When do you use who's, and when do you use whose? Once you understand their definitions, it isn’t too hard to tell them apart. 


Who’s is a contraction made from combining the words who + is or who + has.

  • Example 1: Who’s going to the party tonight? (Who’s could be replaced with Who is).
  • Example 2: Jane, who’s got four dogs, became a veterinarian. (Who’s could be replaced with who has).


Whose is possessive, meaning it shows who something belongs to. 

  • Example 1: Whose glove is this? I found it on the floor.
  • Example 2: My friend–whose name is John–is now a professor.