Google Docs: Adding More Fonts

Lesson 16: Adding More Fonts


Adding more fonts

Choosing the right font will improve whatever project you are working on. By default, Google Docs includes a few dozen fonts, but you can actually choose from hundreds more! 

Watch the video below to learn about adding fonts in Google Docs.

To add new fonts:

  1. In the toolbar, open the Font menu and click More fonts at the top. This will open a new window with hundreds of available fonts.
    clicking more fonts
  2. Optional: Use the search and filtering options at the top of the window to narrow your search. In our example, we are filtering to only show display fonts.
    filter to only show display fonts
  3. Click a font to add it. It will appear under My Fonts on the right side of the window. You can add as many fonts as you want. 
    selecting fonts
  4. When you're done adding fonts, click OK. The fonts will be added to the Font menu. 
    clicking ok

To learn more about typography and how to choose the right font, take a look at our lesson on typography.

To change the font:

  1. Click and drag to select a portion of text.
    selecting text
  2. Open the Fonts menu. The newly chosen fonts are now included in the list. 
    new fonts have been added
  3. Some fonts allow you to choose a variant. To do this, hover over the arrow next to the font's name and select the desired variant.
    choosing a variant