Zoom Basics: Security and Privacy Issues

Lesson 6: Security and Privacy Issues


Security and privacy issues

People who use Zoom should be aware of the platform's security and privacy issues. Being informed can help you to keep your information safe!

Security flaws have led to users' privacy being compromised. In addition to "zoombombing," or the appearance of unwanted guests during meetings, there are hackers who could potentially access your webcam or microphone. Zoom now provides end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to protect their users' privacy, but you must take steps to enable it

Zoom has also shared user data with Google and Facebook, which recently led to a class-action lawsuit. Furthermore, for companies and groups with paid subscriptions, the administrators have a lot of power over their employees' accounts. They can join any employee's meeting or monitor their Zoom data.

Many organizations which handle sensitive information have banned the use of Zoom, such as NASA and the U.S. Senate. You can still have a relatively safe experience with the platform, so long as you take proper precautions.

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